If you’re having trouble with your TV signal and it’s impacting on your enjoyment of your favourite TV shows, now is the time to call us here at Delta Aerials. We specialise in TV aerial installation and repair in Loughborough, so from installing a brand new, state-of-the-art aerial to repairing your existing one, we can have you back in front of the box, watching your favourite shows in no time at all.

Our vastly experienced team are equipped with all the kit and an abundance of spare parts to help make sure we can repair your broken or faulty aerial on the first visit. If you have opted for a brand-new aerial, we will install without delay, ensuring you are 100% happy with the picture quality and our workmanship before we leave.

Satellite system installation in Loughborough

Satellite TV is incredibly popular, so if you have opted to invest in a package from Sky TV or are looking at other options, such as Freesat, why not let our team take care of the installation work?

This can save you time and money, when compared to Sky adding it on to the cost of your package, meaning you can enjoy the TV you’re paying for in the shortest possible time frame.

Home entertainment systems in Loughborough

Whether you’ve decided to introduce a cinema room in your home or are converting your summer house or garage into a sports bar, at Delta Aerials we have the skills and experience to help bring your home entertainment system dreams to life.

We have installed a number of home entertainment systems in Loughborough homes, so can offer plenty of advice and guidance on achieving the best results for you and your household.

Installing additional broadband points in Loughborough

With us relying on the internet for so many things today, whether that’s working from home or browsing our favourite social media platforms, having a poor or weak connection in certain areas of your home can cause issues.

At Delta Aerials, we have been adding new broadband points to homes around Loughborough for many years, many those black spots for internet in your home become a problem of the past.

We fit the best as standard

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